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GeoTube GT500

GT500 is composed of high-tenacity polypropylene yarns, which are woven into a stable network such that the yarns retain their relative position.  GT500 is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

Mechanical Properties Test Method Unit Minimum Average





Wide Width Tensile Strength (at ultimate) ASTM D 4595 kN/m (lbs/in) 70 (400) 96.3 (550)
Wide Width Tensile Elongation ASTM D 4595 % 20 (max.) 20 (max.)
Factory Seam Strength ASTM D 4884 kN/m (lbs/in) 70.1 (400)
Apparent Opening Size (AOS) ASTM D 4751 mm (U.S. Sieve #) 0.425 (40)
Water Flow Rate ASTM D 4491 l/m/m2 (gpm/ft2) 813. (20)
Mass/Unit Area ASTM D 5261 g/m2 (oz/yd2)

585 (17.3)

(Typical Value)

UV Resistance (% strength retained after 500 hrs) ASTM D 4355 % 80


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