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Saving the environment one Geotube at a time.


Randy Hart at 281-353-2568




Bench Test:

We can arrange to perform a bench test in our lab in order to assist you in determining the feasibility of using Geotubes for your project.   We will be  happy to provide you with additional information on the type of sludge, if a chemical treatment is required and the amount of Geotubes necessary. Please call our office to make arrangements for providing a sample of your sludge.



Field Test :

If a more detailed demonstration is desired we can make arrangements to provide a field test at your location using your sludge. The test will provide the visual verification of the dewatering process. You will also have a sample of the solids to compare at different intervals for drying purposes.

If you have an interest please call our office and make arrangements for the field test.281-353-2568 or 281-639-8640.


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