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Saving the environment one Geotube at a time.


Randy Hart at 281-353-2568




We have been working with Geotube® containers for the past six years and as a distributor for  Geotube® in Texas and Louisiana. We have the benefit of TenCate's over 300 years in business.

TenCate Geotube® focuses on the marketing and support of the Geocontainment technology. TenCate is the manufacturer of Nicolon® Industrial Fabrics and Mirafi® Geosynthetics.

TenCate offers over 25 years of geotextile fabrication expertise. TenCate  has the industry's largest staff of technicians and sales personnel that can provide field installation assistance in the most challenging environments. Geotube®, Geobag®, and Geocontainer® brand geotextile tubes can be custom fabricated to meet the requirements of each specific project.

TenCate's offices and team are located in Commerce, Georgia. TenCate  can provide services in: design assistance, custom fabrication, installation assistance, and project specific testing.







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